This is Perfect.
That is Perfect.
If you take perfect from Perfect
The result is Perfect.
-Vedic Prayer

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog represent the views of the author Bronwyn Kohler only, and do not necessarily represent the views of Robin's Perfect Health Practice.


People love to say 'Nobody's perfect", but I disagree. On our first date, my husband Robin told me the vedic prayer above (great way to impress girls), and it mystified me at the time. It has taken me several years to truly comprehend what it means. First, I had to understand that perfect does not mean without weakness or vulnerability. It does not mean constant. It does not mean 'good'.

It means simply that all that is needed is already there. 

Your body is perfect. All that is needed for it to realize its magnificent design is there. Circumstances can block and impede it, push its carefully calibrated systems in the wrong direction and rob it of the tools it needs to conduct the great orchestra of life, but always the perfection is there. Remove the blockades, build bridges over the damage, and give it the tools it needs, and perfect health can be restored. 

Its not easy, that last part. Injuries, inherited weaknesses, infectious diseases, and a world that bombards us with toxic assaults on our health may make some obstacles simply too hard to overcome. But life is a story, and all good stories have twists in the plot. This blog is devoted to finding ways over, under, around or through those obstacles, so that our perfection might be allowed to shine through.



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